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Travel Tales

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12/12/2019 0

Beccles, Suffolk – A Fall From Heaven

By GlennThomas

A gentle breeze swished against our cheeks and stung our ears. The overcast sky seemed unwelcoming, and my dad fretted over whether the company would let us jump from the...

The Art of Poetry

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17/10/2019 0

Eminem: The Poetry of an Outsider

By GlennThomas

‘Hi kids, do you like violence, wanna see me stick nine-inch nails through each one of my eyelids, wanna copy me and do exactly as I did, try ‘cid, and...

Poem of the Week

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26/01/2020 0

Lessons – Poem #72

By GlennThomas

I’ve learned, liars rarely tell the truth The only truth is the truth is usually loose Cheaters never play fair and break rules Heartbreakers, break hearts and make us fools...

28/01/2020 2

Designated Writing Desk But Where Should You Write?

By GlennThomas

As a new writer, I sat at my designated writing desk and did what anyone trying to learn something for…