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Travel Tales

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28/09/2019 0

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – I Forgot I Can’t Swim

By GlennThomas

"Who would jump off the second floor of a boat and into waters even deeper if they can't swim?" Storm Olivier The Patient Travellers Hiep, our guide made us laugh....

The Art of Poetry

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17/10/2019 0

Eminem: The Poetry of an Outsider

By GlennThomas

‘Hi kids, do you like violence, wanna see me stick nine-inch nails through each one of my eyelids, wanna copy me and do exactly as I did, try ‘cid, and...

Poem of the Week

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08/12/2019 0

Lucky – Poem #66

By GlennThomas

Spending days boasting about your success.   How lucky am I? to have a friend like you, perfectly broken with the strength to reshape the mould.   As I dream...